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Messi The Puma is a Big Ol’ House Cat

Meet Messi the Puma, now unlike most big cats that exist in the wild or in zoos, this big cat, lives in a 1 bedroom apartment in Russia.

Messi was born in captivity at a zoo in Russia, but suffered from various health problems at just three months old. During his stay at the zoo, Messi was kept in a very small enclosure and was malnourished, which caused him to develop muscle weakness, rickets which is a degenerative bone disease and a urinary tract infection.

The zoo decided that because pumas were not native to Russia, they could not simply release it into the wild, and because of it’s illnesses, that prevented him from living in another zoo or animal sanctuary. So they had planned to euthanize him.

A couple by the name of Aleksandr and Mariya Dmitriev, heard about the sickly cub, and after talking with other puma breeders and learning everything about the maintenance and care of the animal, they took a leap of faith and approached the zoo about adopting it. And to their surprise, the zoo agreed!

Fun Fact: Despite their large size, cougars are actually more closely related to house cats than they are to other large cat species like jaguars and tigers.

Cougars, also commonly referred to as puma or mountain lion, and are members of the Felidae family.

Pumas are native to the Americas, and they are the largest feline species on these continents, with males being up to 2.4 m (7.9 ft) long from head to tail and weighing up to 100 kg (220 lb).Messi is unlike most cougars, he is about half the size of a normal adult male because of his health conditions. The owners also point out that he is very gentle and loving.

Thanks for watching.

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1) Messi has a sister, called Gerda The Cheetah, this is her Story - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAM2nvLdIJU

2) How much money do they spend on feeding Messi? - Alexandr and Mariya spend about $300-600 per month on Messi’s food as they feed him with raw meat.
Jim Rustle : The fact that a puma is domesticated, follows commands, goes to training with other dogs and doesn't claw at them says quite a bit about the positive care.
Jonah Thrane : This is hilarious. They aren't rich idiots who just wanted an exotic pet. They are normal people who wanted to help a poor animal who would have died otherwise. This is awesome.
C C : I’ve followed Messi for years and agree this is the most well-rounded and respectful video of his story that I’ve seen. His owners are incredible people, and as for Messi, he’s very intelligent, but also a total goof ball. He’s a 3 year old child in a puma costume, and I think he knows he’s living the good life. Well done guys on giving this family the credit they deserve! This is no Tiger King scenario for the haters.
Zetoria : I'm willing to bet that Messi is living alot better and happier life with them than living in the wild.

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K K : 확실히 푸마가 이끌어 가는 축에 속하는건 맞았음.
이지 부스트 그 부스트 폼도 알고 보면 푸마에서 먼저 개발해서 사용했던 기술임.
요즘 여러 핫한 브랜드들과 협업하면서 다시 폼이 오르는 추세 같네요 ㅎㅎ
예전에 푸마 엄청 좋아 했었는데...
후세인 살라얀 같은 디자이너 있을 때 ㅋㅋ
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박규재 : 푸마가 슬슬 다시 뜨고 있다고 느끼는게, 아디다스는 너무 나이대가 어린 거 같고,
나이키만 신기만 다른 브랜드도 신고 싶을때
가장 먼저 떠오르는 브랜드가 푸마였음
특히 퍼즐이나 아더에러 콜라보 제품 같은 거 보면서 많이 괜찮다고 느꼈음
김도균 : 형 영상 오랫동안 정말 꾸준히 챙겨보는데 유튜브 난리통 터지자마자 이영상이 생각이 나더라. 형은 뒷광고 안해서 진짜 너무 좋다 증말...
이제 핏더사이즈 말고 그저 ‘빛’더사이즈 하자

(ENG SUB) [이슈톡] 퓨마 새끼 만졌다가…퓨마에 '봉변' 위기 (2020.10.16/뉴스투데이/MBC) Attitude to an angry puma while hiking

앞서 보신 듯 자식을 향한 헌신적인 사랑, 사람이나 동물이나 똑같다고 하는데요. 두번째 키워드는 "성난 퓨마를 대하는 자세"입니다.


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쿡잇파파 [Feat.두율이아빠] : 와.... 무서브라.. 저렇게 다가오는데 안뛰고 침착하게 등 안보인 등상객이 대단하네 . 웬만하면 대부분 냅따 뛰어갈려고 할텐데. 강심장이시네.~
빠라바라바라밥 : 등 보이는 순간 끝이지
진짜 대처능력 짱이다. 알고는 있지만 푸마를 앞에 두고 쉬운게 아닌데
달려들듯 겁주는 퓨마를 보고도 6분간이나 대치상황을 했다니
그 6분이 6년보다 길었을듯 한데
CZV : 그 와중에 카메라로 찍는거봐... 진짜 야수의 심장을 가졌네
minsang kim : 박스를 갖다 줘야지~ 우리냥이들은 다 박스를 사랑하니까
님의침묵 : 퓨마 행동을 보면, 위협하는 자세로 보임
등산객이 대처를 매우 잘한듯.




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