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BMW X6 35i exhaust sound

BMW X6 35i exhaust sound
KONSSEL : it has different sound when you're on the move
arash asg : very genius , but push the pedal a bit further
Erfan Ali : White BMW persian buddy
Askar Tugralin : Stock?

Car Tech - 2013 BMW X6 XDrive 35i

The 2013 BMW X6 XDrive 35i is a mouthful to say and a big lumbering vehicle with some confusing technology inside.
kenmax : I love it, the engine sound and the speed are incredible.
sorry4trouble143 : I really like how Cooley is so informative about his review. Not many people these days are very good these days with car reviews and he really does it very well IMO. That said, i completely agree with what he says about this car as I almost bought this car until I test drove it and got the exact same feedback as he mentions in the video.
I Gonna Be Neenja : Is it just me or is this one of those cars that looks small and big.... I love its look, Id lower the front,limo windows, and put on 20" black rims
GAboy3030 : I own one and it handles very well for a vehicle this size. I have the 35i Im currently in Germany. My top speed so far on the autobahn is 143 mph.
Mikel Daniel : Not exactly a glowing review, but I saw one on the highway today, and I gotta admit...I'm a fan!

BMW X6 35i 斜背跑旅始祖!跑車風格與狂野性能的組合! 外匯車M SPORT版本【老蕭來說中古車】

2019年 美規外匯 BMW X6 X-drive 35i


它 創新設計,流線腰身
人稱coupe 休旅始祖

它 內外兼備,後座挑高

它 太空灰金屬漆,內裝真皮駝色


#BMWX6 #美規外匯 #休旅車


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老蕭專業日規外匯車 : BMW X6 第二集,X6 有什麼通病?

Roger Chiu : 其實真正跑車型的SUV是GM Pontiac Aztek, GM 在2001年就推出了,只是市場還沒有ready,賣的不好. 大家一定有看過,絕命毒師開的那台
中山 : 好棒的車,看到就喜欢,我能坐一下嗎?老萧你說得很明白了,多謝。
魏丞軒 : 這台好美 外觀內裝都喜歡 想詢問價錢
alan liu : 儀表這代比較好看




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